JOOTRH CEO Pushes for Transformation, Encourages Innovation

JOOTRH CEO Pushes for Transformation, Encourages Innovation

By Lorraine Anyango

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) CEO, Dr. Richard Lesiyampe, is spearheading a renewed focus on internalizing the institution’s vision, mission, and core values as part of an ongoing transformation agenda.

Following consultations with nurses, doctors, consultants, and the Hospital Management Team (HMT), Dr. Lesiyampe met with Clinical and Medical Officers today to emphasize the importance of a shared culture that fosters excellent patient outcomes.

He restated JOOTRH’s vision: to be a center of excellence in quality healthcare services, training, and research within East and Central Africa. He emphasized the hospital’s mission to provide accessible, responsive, and high-quality healthcare through innovation, training, and research.

Dr. Lesiyampe used the hospital’s motto, “Flying High in Healthcare,” to motivate the medical and clinical officers. He emphasized the analogy of an eagle, highlighting that without adaptation and change, stagnation and irrelevance become inevitable.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by medical and clinical officers, Dr. Lesiyampe stressed the importance of upholding the hospital’s core values: integrity, teamwork, professionalism, innovation, friendliness, customer-centeredness, and equity.

“Innovation is crucial for survival,” Dr. Lesiyampe stated. “To be the best, we must shed old habits, traditions, and outdated practices.” He outlined a roadmap for JOOTRH’s continued improvement, emphasizing how the hospital can leverage valuable lessons learned while moving forward unburdened by past limitations.

Hospital leadership, including the Director of Clinical Services, Director of Finance and Administration, Director of Nursing, and Hospital Administrator, were all present during these meetings.


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