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The main objective of the HR department is to achieve the strategic goals of the facility by recruiting, selecting and placing committed and motivated employees.

Secondly, the Department ensures the execution of effective Human Resource Policies and Procedures. Its objective is to communicate and provide guidance to staff on the public service code of regulations and other service regulations.

The department also facilitates and coordinates Human Resource issues relating to career progressions and employee relations.

The department develops and manages the performance contract processes of various employees within the facility.

It also ensures that The Human Resource Information System is up to date so as to aid in decision making at all times.

HR Department helps the employees to realize their potential. Its objective is to motivate the employees by providing a quality work-life and work environment.

HR department contributes to the work of hospital committees related to HR Management by coordinating and involving itself in their meetings.

Managing change- the department is flexible enough and adopts new, quality, and innovative practices for the mutual benefit of the facility. It’s objected to benchmark the hospital with other facilities of quality standards so as to increase the institutions productivity and services.

The department also safeguards the hospital files and information. Its objective is to provide the information flow in various departments and also to ensure confidentiality of information is maintained.

Finally, the department ensures that orientation and trainings for staff, interns, students and bench markers are conducted to a successful end.


To ensure the hospital registry is functional at all times with efficient file retrieval and updating process.

Ensures personal files are safely kept and handled by authorized officers only.

Management of staff establishment

Management and computation of staff leaves (annual, maternity, sick leave

Organize, coordinate and attend departmental and committee meetings

Drafting hospital correspondences and minutes and forwarding them accordingly

Implement the human resource policies and procedures as per the public service commission

Dispatching mails and memos appropriately

Overseeing issues pertaining to HR e.g. Promotions, training plans, staff remunerations, staff motivation programs, disciplinaries, etc.

Management of clock in/out biometric and manual registers and reporting to the authority as required

Bridge a win/win relationship between employees and the management

Support in dispute resolutions





The department is mandated to create awareness among all employees on the existing HR policies and procedures by the public service commission. It also disseminates and provides guidance to staff on public service codes of regulations, codes of ethics, and other service regulations.

The department is mandated to establish and sustain an internal communication culture that encourages the availability and sharing of information while maintaining confidentiality.

The department initiates the implementation of human resource policies and guidelines for systems and processes for Human Resource strategy.

The department is mandated to support in recruitment and selection process by:

Conducting a regular staff gap analysis

Providing leadership in the recruitment and selection process

Ensure timely renewal and termination of employees on contract in accordance with the employment act and other applicable laws.

Initiating the documentation process for the newly appointed staff

Recommend staff advancement, promotions, upgrading, and re-designation in accordance with the applicable scheme of services.

The department supports the performance management process by ensuring that quarterly and annual performance reviews are conducted and documented. It also provides guidance in the implementation of the performance appraisal process and improves the staff working environment.

The department is mandated to develop, update and maintain a complete manual and digital human resource information system with an accurate HR database to inform decision-making on HRM issues.

The department is mandated to develop and document a staff induction policy, identify training needs/recommend/ facilitate staff training, facilitate career development for staff, and coordinate attachment and internship programs.

It initiates processes aimed at supporting staff to improve the quality of work life.

The department contributes to the work of the various committees related to human resource management by participating in and coordinating committee meetings.

The department is also mandated to facilitate the development of a departmental work plan and budget based on the hospital’s strategic plan.

It’s also mandated to conduct annual staff satisfactory surveys

It’s mandated to induct, supervise, and train interns in the department.

Lastly, the department is mandated to identify and apply appropriate Human resource best practices and benchmark the hospital with other similar institutions.