By Lorraine Anyango

To improve public health, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH)Training School is deliberate on releasing healthcare workers into the market consistently.

Healthcare workers graduating from JOOTRH training school have hands-on experience that is invaluable since healthcare is a practical profession.

Students at the JOOTRH training school have ample opportunity to immerse themselves in real medical situations, gaining practical skills that enable them to make clinical decisions.  “There are certain knowledge aspects and skills that students only gained due to practical experience at JOOTRH,” Ms Lida Nyaoke JOOTRH Ag Principal said.

“The effectiveness of the training can be measured by subject retention, which is impacted by the practical lessons we provide, this gives our students confidence, and that is why they would choose JOOTRH training school again, it’s impressive learning.” She said.

“Even better, at JOOTRH, we have a simulation center that has given us more exposure to varied patients presenting and our course has been highly practical.” Ms Nyaoke adds.

The JOOTRH training school introduced courses such as a higher diploma in Nephrology a higher Diploma in Critical Care Nursing [ICU], the campus is also conducting training theatre Technician operations training. Recently it was accredited to offer Emergency Management Technicians [EMT].

Enrollment for theatre Technician Operations and Critical Care Nursing courses for the April 2024 intake is currently open till the end of February.

“Anybody with a passion for the provision of healthcare services should be allowed to harness their skills, regardless of their grades, that is the reason why the JOOTRH Training School offers a diverse range of courses at different levels. Ms. Nyaoke says

“Patient care is not the preserve of a few select carders. It entails a collaborative effort of a diverse group of professionals.” Ms Nyaoke added.

 The school is housed within the JOOTRH and is by a council comprising of the Chair, and Secretary, while its facility administrative team, includes a principal, with other three full-time lecturers and some part-time volunteers.

Its vision is to be an excellent training school in the provision of quality healthcare training in eastern and central Africa.

Its mission is to provide quality medical training and maintain professional practice through research and appropriate technology.

JOOTRH is now a fully accredited East Central and Southern Africa College of Physicians (ECSACOP) training center. This makes JOOTRH the fourth hospital in Kenya whose medical officers are set to gain skills that will enable them to deliver the most professional, impactful, and sustainable health services to patients within their facilities.

This also means that JOOTRH physicians undergo four-year training for post-graduate studies. ECSACOP is a regional college currently comprising Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The college currently seeks to contribute to the resolution of the manpower shortage of qualified and competent physicians within various level four hospitals in the regions and beyond.

JOOTRH has continued to serve as the primary teaching hospital for medical schools including Maseno, and Uzima, Great Lakes and Kabarack, Kabinga Universities, Common Wealth College among others colleges.

Between 2018 and 2019, the school graduated 15 students, between 2120-2021 there were 16 students and between 2022 to 2023 a total of 40 students graduated

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