MAT Funday

MAT Funday

By Faith Lawino.

The phrase “too much work without play makes a Jack a dull boy” is taken seriously at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) Wellness Centre. The department, also known as Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT), without wasting time gave dullness a run for its audience by organizing a client fun day.

The MAT center organized a clients’ feedback meeting and fun day to outline their progress commune together, share experiences and information, and lastly discuss better ways of enhancing client service. The full-day meeting consisted of all clients, the JOOTRH staff, Manyatta DICE (Drop in Centres), and representatives from Community-based Organizations(CSOs). These CSOs support clients’ community needs.

The fabulous day commenced with prayers, a supplication to the Almighty to provide relief from addiction and all the burdens that it carries within. Overcoming drugs and substance addiction is an endeavor that requires commitment, support, guidance, and behaviour change. It is a journey, the Holy scripts would record, ‘being born again’.

The congregation proceeded with powerful and touching speeches from clients, the MAT health Community Volunteers, and representatives from Manyatta Dice and the CSOs. “It has been a tedious task for me to quit my addiction. The withdrawals sometimes are so bad but I thank the team from MAT and everyone for walking with me. I am becoming better each day,’ said one client.

The meeting came to its peak through a feedback session from the MAT leadership. Eventually, the time to shack off some calories came due, and ‘Jack’ would show his prowess, sweat, and smile. The Health Community Workers had to compete with the clients in a football match. The game of skills, speed, and feet. Say no more! The Health Community Workers had to prove their worth, for they could not forget their previous loss against the clients’ team. They needed a miracle maybe.

The game was a tough one. From the scorching sun above, the heating ground below. The teams did their best, defend and attack, the main theme was to Win! A winner finally emerged with the Health Community Workers taking the trophy home. A whooping Score for the winning team, 3-2. A game is a game and a Win is a Win!

The fun day ended with a sumptuous lunch enough for everyone, even the passers-by could not go hungry. This, not forgetting the morning breakfast prepared by specialized cooks, a tinge of jealousy that wouldn’t go unnoticed by those who envy them. The goal, however, remained one; to help all clients overcome addiction. This is to guide them, counsel them, and give them medication for recovery.


The JOOTRH MAT center together with its partner CIHEB (Centre for International Health, Education and Biosecurity), lives to serve humanity. The Wellness program is designed to help all drug addicts regain normalcy. Drug addiction stems from the use of narcotics or opioids such as; heroine cigarettes, cocaine, and many more.

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