Kisumu  Neurocamp solutions

Kisumu Neurocamp solutions


By Faith Lawino

Rev. Charles Ogada Okong’o, 63 years old, who can barely walk due to severe backache, today looks forward to a long-lasting solution to his problem, from the Kisumu Neurosurgical camp taking place at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH).

The journey of Charles’ misery started way back when he developed a stroke while taking a stroll one evening. An ordeal that resulted in nerve problems. Since then, it has been 10 years spent visiting different hospitals trying to make life easier and better.

Charles recalls one of surgery that he underwent to remove two black spots that had evaded a part of his brain, which, however, brought relief for only a short period.

It is then that Charles was diagnosed with a growth in his lower back area which tends to suppress the veins hence causing numbness in some parts of his body such as the legs, thighs, and arms.

This condition at times refrains Charles from offering his pastoral duties due to the pain that comes with it, for he cannot stand for too long. Rev. Charles by then is forced to end his sermon halfway and his audience is left in worry and despair for their beloved pastor.

The biggest challenge for Rev. Charles despite the excruciating pain in his back is the cost of treatment. The many visits to different hospitals and specialists rendered him bankrupt. He had to use all of his savings as well as the NHIF insurance cover, which was depleted even before the end of the year. “The cost of treatment was too high; the outpatient services needed a lot of money and my NHIF cover got depleted in 7 months. From April to around October.”

Charles is now hopeful that the Neurosurgical Camp at JOOTRH will be his boat at this sinking time. He looks forward to a burden-lifting opportunity where he won’t have to spend a lot of money to seek relief for his aching back.

He says that he has waited for such an enlightening moment and now that it has come, he can’t wait no more. The beloved Reverend, however, does not go short without addressing some of his fears and stories that he has heard about undergoing surgery.

“Some say that the process is quite painful or it might shorten your life span. He however is hopeful that the surgery will be okay and that the surgeons have the expertise to make him better and healthier again without any defects. “Yes! I know that I am in good hands and my surgeons from the Kisumu Neurosurgical Camp, will make me well again.” He says smiling.

The Kisumu Neurosurgical Camp is a four-day camp commencing from 17th October to 21st October taking place JOOTRH. The camp is set to offer surgery for brain and spinal diseases which have to be operated on. For one to undergo such surgery, the only requirement is an Updated NHIF cover. This camp is an opportunity for the Kisumu Residents as well as neighboring residents to get surgeries conducted by highly specialized medics from across the globe.

JOOTRH currently holds around 36 in-patient individuals with different neurosurgical cases, who are set to be operated on.  The youngest of these patients is aged 25 years old and the oldest is 83 years old.

The majority of these patients are middle-aged. Some of the diagnoses that require surgery are; meningioma- a tumor that arises from the membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Spinal stenosis- when the spine or its roots is compressed by hard structures such as bones. Glioma – a brain tumor that originates from the glial cells.

Disc bulge, disc compression, and many more. The goal is to encourage and promote better health. The camp is Initiated by the Kisumu Neuroscience Initiative in collaboration with Doctors from Germany.

Kisumu initiative is led by Kenyans in the diaspora and friends of Kenya with a vocation in the various fields of the neurosciences, to promote, encourage and give back to the people of Kenya. It aims to make a difference by raising support in the diaspora and turn to offer clinical services. The initiative is purposed to carry out several short-term mission trips focused on healthcare delivery and education, through partnerships with the County Government of Kisumu, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital as well as the medical industries in the diaspora.

The doctors onboard include; Neurosurgeons-Dr. L Ogutha, Dr. J Jacob, Dr. Ogutu, Dr. A Schug, Dr. Walter Adero an Orthopedic Surgeon, and Dr. Daniel Ogutu, a Physician and emergency doctor, founder of Dokis Advice.



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